Better late than never, right? That it took me this long to set up this website is a good thing though! It bears witness that I have been very busy with other (more interesting) things over here. But let us start at the beginning:

After a month of relying on other people to drive me around I had enough and needed my own car. So I bought the first thing I found: "Piece of Junk" a rundown '99 Volkswagen cabrio with his own mind but character...

...or at least I thought so in the beginning. It turns out the car had more the character of an old bitter man who cannot wait to die! You turn on the interior light and all windows come down and refuse to go back up. You try unlocking the car and suddenly have the lock cylinder in your hand and find yourself crawling through the trunk in order to access your car. Now that transmission problems have arisen again and repairs have eaten up way too much money already I have finally decided to sell it.

Semi regularly I upload pictures here:


If you have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your pc you can view them full screen in a slideshow.

Still had no luck selling my car. Fuel wise I could just as well be driving a big block V8 Mustang since my car is only operating between 3000 and 6000rpm. Eats up my paycheck faster than any woman with a creditcard ever could... :D

Piece of junk is officially sold!